Once upon a time there was a boy named Giovannino who lived in the village of Buonconvento with his grandmother.
Every morning, at dawn his grandmother churned out a baking pan full of ‘’Biscottoni’’ as Giovannino called them, because they were larger than his mug.
On rainy fall days young Giovannino and his grandmother would spend hours baking, blending together all sorts of genuine ingredients like sweet and bitter Almonds from the almond tree, Sugar and Egg whites and they made delicious soft Amaretti.

In time Giovannino became a man, not so tall, but a master pastry chef.
However he felt lonely and wished for a sweet girl to help him with his daily work, when one fine day his wish came true and he met a beautiful girl named Floriana, who soon became his bride.
This story of “Le Dolcezze di Nanni’’ has a happy ending born from the experience of Nanni and Floriana, known worldwide by gluttonous and gourmets for their delicious homemade biscuits.

LE DOLCEZZE DI NANNI, in continuity with the original Bottega del Pane di Giovanni Marini, cares for and publicizes, with its own traditional recipes, the secular sweet pastry making history of Tuscany.
The Company’s management employs around 25 people, including Luca the Administrator and Marco, who manages production processes.
The conducting of negotiations is entrusted to the bursting pleasantness and human nature Floriana, as has already been said.
The ancient recipes, rigorously applied to completely natural ingredients and working processes, mean that the products of “LE DOLCEZZE DI NANNI” are distinguished by their absolute quality and artisan nature.

Sales are made only to a carefully selected market of quality wholesalers, serving around two thousand Italian clients and more through the beautiful global windows of the sector.
Not by presumption but to preserve the facts, the Company jealously keeps safe the messages of support and kindness that have been sent to them over the years by celebrity personages including the English Royal family and President Ciampi, who sends a message to Mrs. Franca every year to compliment her on the unchanging traditional nature and quality of the products.

Every day an “idea” leads to a patient work of perfectionism and every year, the Company succeeds in offering the taste buds of its contented and well-fed consumers new sensations to savour in the tranquility of their own home or the company of friends.